Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing security cameras and recorders to HD or have an entirely new IP HD video camera surveillance system installed, contact 4Wires Communictions today. Our Company is one of the leaders in HD video camera surveillance installation.

4Wires Communications provides a custom solution HD video camera surveillance system to meet very specific needs. We offering IP, CVI, TVI, AVI, SDI HD video camera surveillance systems can cover any or every area of your residential or commercial property and can be viewed in real time from almost any mobile device.

‘Eyeball’ camera

Dome style security cameras are named for their shape, and blend into their surroundings which make it difficult to see which direction the camera is aiming at. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Durable metal and high impact plastic make dome style security cameras vandal resistant and weatherproof.

Turret or ‘Eyeball’ camera

 The Turret or ‘Eyeball’ camera is becoming the more preferred camera of choice amongst professionals. This camera offers the same high quality imagery of the dome, but without the pitfalls caused by the glass housing. These cameras also have an EXIR which is Hikvision’s ‘Extended IR’. This is a single IR glass to the side of the lense, as opposed to the traditional ring of leds. 

Dome Camera

The Dome camera is one of the most popular choices around, the most common type of camera that you are likely to see in modern installations. Why? This camera offers an amazing vandal proof ability as the lens is fully covered in a vandal proof glass dome. The cover is then secured using  3 x torx screws and the design and construction is all metal. 

Bullet Camera

The Bullet or ‘Shoebox’ camera is the camera you would traditionally expect to see in a busy City Centre, on the top of a high pole watching the town and large crowds. This camera is not very popular for home owners as it can often look unsightly and doesn’t offer anymore benefits vs the Dome or Turret in a home installation scenario. Because its shape and size, the body can house large zoom capabilities and extended IR. This camera choice is more popular for commercial and rural installations where lighting is poor.  

PTZ Camera

Depending on the mounting location they can cover a full 360 degree area. Most models allow the installer to set several surveillance modes based on the viewing angle you need at pre-determined times. Both pan and tilt can be pre-programmed. This gives you an easy install for locations such as parking lots or rooftops that would normally necessitate a multi-camera install. Sometimes, one or two PTZ cameras can cover entire large areas, helping minimize your costs while maximizing your level of protection.

Covert / Hidden Camera

Covert video surveillance cameras can be concealed or placed in plain sight. Either way, that are virtually undetectable. Disguised as smoke detectors, clocks and even rocks, covert cameras provide security to residential and commercial properties alike. Concealed video cameras provide an additional level of strategic surveillance. Contact Sentry to discuss all of the possible styles and applications available. 

Mini Dome Camera

Mini Dome is great for doorways or for retail and commercial POS or regulatory solutions. This IP66 rated compact camera is protected against harsh outdoor environments and moisture. Perfect for indoor or out, day or night where quality matters. 

360° Camera

 The Fisheye camera range is a camera that allows you to monitor all angles of a location using just one camera. The hemispherical image of the fisheye camera will be converted into a conventional rectilinear projection with full 360 degree vision.