Upgrade to a HD / MegaPixl Video Camera Surveillance System

When it comes to video security, every home or business should have an HD surveillance system. As technology evolves, so too should your video surveillance system. Upgrading to mega-pixel video cameras brings high-definition resolution images clearer than ever been before, even at night, with infrared night vision that can record in total darkness. 4Wires Communications offers the latest in advanced video surveillance technology. Upgrades are easily expandable and will support additional cameras if needed.

Monitor your home or office and enjoy greater peace of mind with a new HD video surveiluslance system. Upgrade today.  Call Us now @ 718-715-1886

Upgrade to HD Video today and save.

There are many types of HD video surveillance systems to upgrade to. Contact us today to learn which video surveillance system upgrade is just right for your property size and budget. Upgrading has never been easier or more affordable.